Being Enough through Hypnotherapy


Many of my hypnotherapy clients have been coming to sessions in order to improve their self-confidence, their way of being and to ultimately reach a point of being good enough. I find this term being good enough fascinating especially because this is a concept that I have continuously grappled with throughout the years.

I am curious to know what being good enough would look like to each individual and realistically, when would enough be good enough? The ongoing answer, never. That is the point. Many of us spend our energy working so hard on being good enough but there is no such thing. We are continuously evolving and changing and so do our thoughts.

So how can hypnotherapy help in these realms of uncertainty? Well for starters, hypnotherapy is an incredible tool to help shift perspectives and being able to rewire the neurological structures of the brain. Hypnotherapy is about embodying the process as the mind and body starts to remember that they are one.

How often do you hear the phrase, “my head says yes but my heart say no,” or visa versa. This is because there is often a mental disconnect between our mind and body and what hypnosis proposes is that this does not have to be the case. Hypnosis is brilliant because it provides a space for the individual to surrender to the push-pull mentality and allow for the mind and body to remember the harmony that they are.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Gary Van Warmerdam beautifully highlights being good enough as a process of “mental gymnastics” and is explained in his podcast link below:

As an advanced non-medical hypnosis practitioner, the key for me is to focus not so much on the being good enough part, but rather on allowing you to hone in on loving yourself. Love is a quality that we all possess, we are born with this, but we often loose sight of it along the way. Loving ourselves means letting go of the attachment of trying so hard to be good enough for others or what we think we should do. Rather moving into a space of surrendering to what ‘is’ and to give ourselves permission to say, “it’s okay to not know.” This is where the beauty happens because you allow yourself to open up to grace and whatever opportunities are available to you.

Swami Sarvagatananda emphasizes that surrendering is not ignorance, but rather that surrendering helps to remove the “poison of ignorance.” Why? Because, by giving yourself permission to move away from trying so hard to be good enough, you move yourself into a relaxed state of learning to be humble and open to re-experience ‘you’ without these falsified beliefs and views. This is so exciting! To live a life of joy and allow yourself to let go and just be. Relinquishing control and the desperate need to be enough because you experience that you are constantly evolving, growing and that your thoughts and levels of experience change. It is infinite. Allow yourself to surrender to not being good enough because the truth is; being enough is just the ego’s way of holding you back from your most powerful and beautiful form. The ego loves to know it all and by focusing and practicing the art of surrendering, that in itself moves away from the ego and moves towards accessing your truth through love and power.


  • Start building your awareness by noticing what topics or areas of your life that you find challenging, and let go of them. Which parts do you really need to control? What is it about those topics or situations that you want to control? Give yourself permission to not judge yourself, but rather just notice and become aware, this is a positive process in learning more about you.
  • Once you are aware of these hot topics, allow yourself to practice letting go of reacting to these topics or situations but rather allow yourself to practice surrendering in that moment.
  • Make a list of your achievements in life and what you have done well. Reflect over this and be present with those memories. We are often so absorbed with what we do wrong that we forget to celebrate our successes. Once you have acknowledged all your achievements, write down how your achievements have positively impacted others.
  • Contact me and book a hypnotherapy package. Allow yourself to light up within and awaken the best version of yourself.

I would love to hear what you think about this hypnosis post in the comment bar below. What are your opinions on being ‘good enough’? Have you ever surrendered before? Tell me more… I look forward to hearing your beautiful thoughts and to learn more about you! Love and light <3 Jean

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